Superintendencia de Pensiones - Gobierno de Chile

English overview

Welcome to the website of the Chilean Pensions Supervisor. We are the technical authority responsible for the supervision and control of the institutions involved in the Chilean Pension System: The Institute of Social Security (IPS), the public entity in charge of managing the system of Solidarity Pensions created by law 20.255 of 2008 and the contributory pensions deriving from the old pension system (pre-1981 reform); Pension Fund Managers (AFP), the private institutions responsible for collecting social security contributions, managing Pension Funds and providing and administering the benefits set out in D.L. 3.500, the body of law that regulates them; Unemployment Funds Manager (AFC), a private institution selected through an open public auction to manage the individual capitalization-based Unemployment Insurance system, created in 2002 to provide unemployment benefits financed by individuals' savings and a Solidarity Fund. We are also responsible for supervising the Medical Commissions in charge of the disability qualification necessary to opt for a disability pension in either the private or solidarity pension system.

Related Sites

In this section, you will find links to related websites which may complement the information you have found here, specifically: fund managers, other government institutions, Chilean regulators, Pension Fund regulators around the world, International Pension Organizations, etc.

Enquiries and Complaints

In this section, affiliates can send their questions or enquiries about their funds, problems with their AFP or more general questions.

Reports and databases

Together with the Chilean Pension System book and the Working Paper Series and Technical Notes Series, the Superintendency publishes the SP bulletins and the AIOS bulletins, a publication of the international organization of private pension fund supervisors.


A complete website on recent releases and information relevant to professionals of the press.


In this section you will find the relevant laws and secondary regulations of the pensions and unemployment insurance systems.

Supervised Institutions

This section includes financial information of the Fund Managers in the pension and unemployment insurance systems.

Statistics Center

This special website provides detailed statistics of both the Pension and Unemployment Insurance systems, including information about the evolution of affiliates, contributors and beneficiaries, the financial performance of the Pension Fund managers and investment returns, as well as historic series in Excel format.

The Unemployment Insurance system

This is the most recent addition to the Chilean Social Protection net. Created in 2001 by Law 19.728, it combines individual savings accounts and a Solidarity Fund, both financed by contributions from private dependent workers, their employers and the State. The system is compulsory for workers who initiated a labor relation after the law was enacted. In this section, you will find a description of the system, its financing sources, the benefit structure, benefits eligibility requirements, the investment regime, regulations, etc.

The pension system

This section provides an overview of the basic elements of the system created in 1980: Individual capitalization, private management of the funds, free choice of the administrator, and the role of the State in terms of guaranteed benefits and oversight.

Pensions Supervisor

In this section you will find the mission and objectives of the Chilean Pensions Supervisor.