Superintendencia de Pensiones - Gobierno de Chile

Chile 2008: a Second-Generation Pension Reform

This book was put together on the basis of a collection of documents produced by professionals at the Superintendence of Pension Fund AFPs (SAFP), now the Superintendence of Pensions (SP), which formed part of the diagnosis underlying the most important Reform made to the Chilean Pension System since it was set up in 1980.

The main aim of this publication is to recover a series of the Superintendence's internal documents that served as support to the debate, both inside the Council for Pension Reform and later, in the Bill's passage through parliament. Each of the aspects contained in the Reform to the Pension System, embodied in Law 20,255 on 27th March 2008, was the result of deep analyses, most of which have been incorporated either totally or partially in this book. This compendium therefore constitutes a significant contribution, which may be of use for similar processes in the future, both in Chile and in other countries.